John Hänni - Chocolate (2CD)

John Hänni - Chocolate (2CD)
The album "Chocolate" focuses on listeners of Swiss-German pop-songs with some hints of folk music and as a small souvenir for tourists visiting Switzerland.

It contains 13 songs in Swiss-German with chocolate as the subject. However the lyrics were purposefully created in such a way that instead of chocolate one also can see themes of life in the songs.

Additionally the same songs are on the second CD, sung in English, and four more English songs as well as one Spanish song. The album was produced by Matthias Steiner (DJ Bobo, Gölä, purpur, LeChaim, Tinu Schweizerhof, …).
01 Schoggi
02 Zrächte Määs
03 Immer Beliebt
04 Einisch Zweni / Einisch Zviu
05 Uusgange
06 Schwarz oder Wyss
07 We Du Bimer Bisch
08 Jedi Form u Viufaut
09 Einzigartig
10 Treue Begleiter
11 Vergeiht Schnäu
12 Als Gschänk (Piano Version)
13 Unersetzlech
14 Chocolate (Schoggi)
15 The Right Amount (Zrächte Määs)
16 Always Popular (Immer Beliebt)
17 Not Enough / Too Much (Einisch Zweni / Einisch Zviu)
18 Run Out (Uusgange)
19 We Love The Swiss Mountain Land
20 Incomparable (Unersetzlich)
21 Every Form and Shape (Jedi Form u Viufaut)
22 Unique (Einzigartig)
23 Always There (Treue Begleiter)
24 Melts Away (Vergeiht Schnäu)
25 As a Gift (Als Gschänk) [Full Version]
26 Then I Found You
27 I Can't Shut Up
28 You Love Me For Me
29 No Puedo Callar (I Can't Shut Up)

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