Myles Munroe, David Barrows: Kingdom Parenting

Myles Munroe, David Barrows: Kingdom Parenting
Parents face new---and sometimes frightening---situations every day concerning their children. They are often not prepared to handle the issues or solve the problems of today's youth. Why? Because never before have youngsters had to deal with such incredible temptations as Internet pornography gambling suicidal song lyrics the glorification of the "gangsta" lifestyle and the collapse of traditional Biblical family lifestyles. This book and study guide provides practical principles for you and your teen to apply to your lives that will combat the forces aimed at destroying your family. Practical helps to defend your family include:
-The Word
-Building Relationships
-The Original Plan
-Study Guide and Scrapbook
Kingdom Parenting gives you the hands-on tools to successfully guide your children especially teenagers through today's treacherous world and provides hope that their tomorrows will be filled with promise and fulfilled potential!

ISBN/EAN: 9780768424188, Pages: 208, Paperback, Size: 153x14x229 mm
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