Conditions of Use

01. It is our aim, to serve you always to your complete satisfaction. Part of this, are our fair business conditions.

02. We only supply new factory produced products in original brand quality.

03. The agreement comes about, that we will axcept through our confirmation of order the agreement offer given through your order. This confirmation of order expresses the main contents of your order.

04. Should you have questions regarding our business conditions, please take up contact with us with the command “contact” in our box informations on the left side of our Homepage.

05. In case of an unjustified refusal of the receipt of the goods we supplied, we invoice our costs that came into being, in the case of repeated refusal to axcept the goods, the client`s number will be stopped.

06. Profimusic gmbh only notes down the absolutely necessary datas and uses these for the scope of the transaction of the order, as well as for the purpose to facilitate the purchases for recurrent clients.

07. The personal datas will be dealt with by profimusic confidentially according to the laws about datas valid at the time. Profimusic gmbh does not pass any datas to thirds. The datas will, in no case, be used for outside publicity or sold. We are however committed to cooperation, when we are requested, for legal reasons, to make informations about clients available.

08. Our business operations are based exclusively on Swiss laws. Legal domicile is Lucerne.

09. For the goods supplied the responsability for a replacement supply is limited. Claims for declining the agreement or reduction of the compensation are out of question, as long as a replacement supply is possible within due time.

10. Objections regarding defective goods have to be made valid within 8 day. If the examination of the defective goods proves, that the defect is caused by faulty behaviour of the buyer (for example damaging through improper handling), the buyer will have to bear the costs for the replacement supply; for eventual damages at the hardware, caused through protection against copying we deny any responsability.

11. Our liability for own guilt, as well as that of our representatives or performance helpers, is limited to intent and gross negligence. This is not valid for the violation of main duties partaining to the agreement and the missing of promised quality.

12. In order to be able to deliver the goods as soon as possible, we also take into account partial supplies. For you there will not be any further costs.

13. Exchangement of the goods is only possible in case of wrong delivery or production defects. The return has to be accompanied by the delivery note, because otherwise a handling will not be possible. In the case of transport damages, these have to be claimed within 48 hours, because otherwise the pretention for free of charge replacement will default.

14. A return because of dislikement is excluded. Replacement or restitution of audio, visual or information carriers are not possible due to copyright reasons. We can not garantee, that determined products fullfil the scope wished by you.

15. Links: With the court decision of May 12th, 1998, the district court of Hamburg decided, that through the attachment of a Link the contents of the linked site eventually have to be answered for. This can only be avoided, says the district court, that one expressely takes distance from these contents. We have attached Links to other sites in the Internet. For all of these links it is important to know: We want to expressely emphasize that we have no influence on the making up and the contents of the linked sites. Therefore herewith we expressely dissociate ourselves from all the contents of all linked sites on our Homepage and refuse to adopt the contents. This declaration is valid for all Links that have been attached to our Homepage and for all contents of the sites to which the Links attached to our Homepage may be leading.

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